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+This code can be used to access data from Pollin's weather station [0]. It
+probably supports more weather stations, but that has not been tested. The
+repository provides 3 parts:
+ * a C library using libusb to access the weather station
+ * a VAPI file for the C library to be used by valac
+ * a small demo program written in vala, which outputs the current data log entry
+To build the code you need to install libusb (the 0.1 branch) and its header
+files. On Debian/Ubuntu you get it by installing 'libusb-dev'. Just type 'make
+library' in the project's directory to get the library. You can optionally call
+'make demo' to compile the demo binary, if you have valac installed.
+You can find documentation for the chip inside the weather station on [1].