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2020-01-04improves the cashbox detail viewHolger Cremer2-72/+72
2018-08-31shorten some stringsSebastian Reichel2-168/+182
2018-07-15all: fix all remaining warningsSebastian Reichel2-10/+22
2018-07-15all: simplify datadir configurationSebastian Reichel2-48/+48
This simplifies the datadir configuration and removes the expectation, that the code is executed from the repository. It should now be possible to install this into the system like any other common Linux application.
2018-07-15build: switch to meson buildsystemSebastian Reichel5-0/+1002
We build the project with 'meson' now instead of using custom configure script + GNU Makefiles. To build the project, go to the project root directory and use the following commands: Building: meson build cd build ninja Update Language Files: ninja shopsystem-pot ninja shopsystem-update-po Install: DESTDIR=./tmp ninja install