BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
WIP-syscallBroken, but working, ptregs system call conversion for x86-64Linus Torvalds4 years
masterMerge tag 'nfsd-5.19-2' of git:// Torvalds14 hours
n900-dtDTS: ARM: OMAP3-N900: use MATRIX_KEY for keymapSebastian Reichel8 years
n900-dt-with-ssiMerge branch 'n900-modem-support' into n900-dt-with-ssiSebastian Reichel8 years
n900-dts-twl5030ARM: dts: omap3-n900: Fix twl5030 compatibleSebastian Reichel6 years
nextMerge tag 'clk-for-linus-3.16' of git:// Torvalds8 years
proc-cmdlinefs/proc: simplify and clarify get_mm_cmdline() functionLinus Torvalds4 years
sc18is600gpio: add sc18is600 driverSebastian Reichel5 years
tty-splicetty: fix up iterate_tty_read() EOVERFLOW handlingLinus Torvalds17 months
twl4030-madc-cleanupiio: adc: twl4030: remove twl4030_madc_request.func_cbSebastian Reichel5 years
v5.19-rc4linux-5.19-rc4.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds6 days
v5.19-rc3linux-5.19-rc3.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds13 days
v5.19-rc2linux-5.19-rc2.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds3 weeks
v5.19-rc1linux-5.19-rc1.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds4 weeks
v5.18linux-5.18.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds6 weeks
v5.18-rc7linux-5.18-rc7.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds7 weeks
v5.18-rc6linux-5.18-rc6.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds8 weeks
v5.18-rc5linux-5.18-rc5.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.18-rc4linux-5.18-rc4.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds2 months
v5.18-rc3linux-5.18-rc3.tar.bz2  Linus Torvalds3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursMerge tag 'nfsd-5.19-2' of git:// Torvalds2-2/+3
14 hoursMerge tag 'for-5.19/parisc-4' of git:// Torvalds2-1/+6
15 hoursparisc: Fix vDSO signal breakage on 32-bit kernelHelge Deller1-0/+5
15 hoursMerge tag 'perf-tools-fixes-for-v5.19-2022-07-02' of git:// Torvalds9-17/+134
16 hoursMerge tag 'powerpc-5.19-4' of git:// Torvalds7-16/+52
19 hoursperf synthetic-events: Ignore dead threads during event synthesisNamhyung Kim1-2/+3
20 hoursperf synthetic-events: Don't sort the task scan result from /procNamhyung Kim1-2/+2
20 hoursperf unwind: Fix unitialized 'offset' variable on aarch64Ivan Babrou1-1/+1
32 hoursMerge tag 'libnvdimm-fixes-5.19-rc5' of git:// Torvalds1-2/+2
36 hoursMerge tag 'thermal-5.19-rc5' of git:// Torvalds1-0/+1